After much procrastination, and equal amounts of encouragement and inspiration from friend and blogger Rick Wilson (his Laurel Connections blog is at, I have gotten around to posting something to this WordPress site that I’ve had for some time.

The content of this blog will be all over the place. Of course, a lot of it will be centered around Laurel, MD where I live; not in the historic section, like Rick, but still in the Old Town part of Laurel. I had the privilege of writing the Old Town column for the Laurel Leader for a number of years, so you can expect to see a lot about our fine city and its interesting people. But I will also take advantage of the blogosphere’s breadth and depth to help scratch my writing itch and share whatever comes to mind – about work, rest and play. My goal is to make it readable. And viewable, as I have gotten very much into posting videos on YouTube. They have been mostly videos for family and friends, but if I can figure out the tech part, I’ll embed photos and video whenever I feel it can help a story … or if I just need a “thousand words.”

Thanks for taking the time to read or view whatever ends up here.


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One Response to Finally

  1. Joe Murchison says:

    It will be great to read your stuff regularly again! (But make sure this new pursuit leaves you plenty of time for tennis.)

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